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Quilters Clappers Small & Large Set

Quilters Clappers Small & Large Set


In this set you will have 1 x small & 1 x large clapper.

The Samll Clapper is about 7inches & the Large clapper is about 12 inches long. They are handmade by us.

Quilters Clappers are and absolute game chamger they are used in quilting, dressmaking and tailoring but is also a handy tool for any sewing. Simply iron the seam or pieced block, lift the iron and place the clapper on the seam you have just ironed. The clapper will hold it  flat and firm until cooled.  The clapper will absorb the heat and give a flat, crisp seam every time..  Pressing with the clapper gives you the sharpest edges that stay. An abolute must when quilting.

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